Wednesday, 9 September 2009

new way of showing your love..

New Japanese Watermelon Comes from the Heart

by Mehret Tesfaye

It may be filled with soft and pink fleshy bits but this Japanese invention is by far the strangest representation of love we have seen in some time.

An enterprising farmer and his wife in Kumamoto, Japan have created a heart-shaped watermelon.

It was an act of love for the couple where they wanted the fruit of their labor to symbolize their feelings for each other … and for their profession. Who says you can’t be too attached to your work?

The endeavor took three years to perfect and thereby, does show profound dedication to their work. Of course this is hardly a surprise given that the country is famous for producing creatively-shaped.

The couple managed to cultivate 20 watermelons in time for Mother’s day and sent off a few of them to be displayed at the Iwataya Department Store.

People say that perfect love always comes with a price and this is certainly true for these watermelons. Each fruit was tagged at a hefty 15,750 yen ($160).

hoho..kalo dulu tembikai bentuk empat segi..nih dah ade yang bentuk love pulak..menarik tp of course la mahal kan..sebji tembikai nak dkt rm500..adeh la..rabu2(jiwang) gak pakcik makcik yang tanam nih..

senang aa kan sekang nih nak kokuhaku(confess) or hadiah for special occasion ke,x yah susah2 bagi bunga ke cincin ke ,bagi tembikai sudah...

tp bygkan la kan..kalo dpt tembikai bentuk love ni mase anniversary ke valentine ke birthday ke..agak2 kandou(touching) dak?kalo aku aa kan..rasa nak hempuk jek tembikai tu.. baik beli mende lain agi tuh aku la kan..=P


Anonymous said...

Menariknye yg mentuk love tue :)

nadia said...

try la tanam sendiri..mane tau jadi..

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