Monday, 29 November 2010

tips terbang bersama bayi.

serabut !!masuk kali ni dah 3-4 kali entry semua start dengan perkataan serabut...

ye,buat pengetahuan semua..kami tak cancel trip ke korea...insyaAllah akan bertolak lusa..itu pon kalo 2 hari ni Korea Utara tak buat hal..お願いだから、おとなしくしてください。。tolongla dok diam2 behave 2-3 hari ni....why la tujuan sbnr nak pergi rasa mcm nak pergi berperang ni......apekah???

ok .jgn pikir banyak.ajal maut di tangan Tuhan.kemas beg sekarang juga!

part kemas bag ni pon rasa nak give up......mak aih..budak kecik ni punya baru keluarkan je nih belom masuk bag lagi..masuk bag kang konpem melimpah........adoi la.......abes dah semua rasa semua nak bawak,semua rasa penting.......mungkin sebab kali pertama kot..kali kedua dan seterusnya nanti insyaAllah lebih baik..

jadinye puas la aku google cari tips terbang dan travel bersama bayi dan saje la nak tempek kat sini sekali buat panduan di masa hadapan..

Tips for Flying with a Baby

Traveling with a baby can seem daunting, even for the most experienced parent. Long plane journeys & hectic airports can wear on anyone; add a baby to the mix and it can seem like the world is coming to an end.

But honestly, with a little planning and the right attitude, the experience can not only go smoothly, but be enjoyable for all.

Planning in advance is the key. A well-stocked diaper bag can ease all the troubles that you might find crop-up. Keep in mind that you don’t want to weigh yourself down with heavy bags, but you do want to accommodate for any occasion that could possibly arise.

What to Pack:

Drinks and Snacks (bottles or cups; formula or juice)
Change of Clothing (for both you and baby)
Warmer Clothing
Diapers/Training Pants
Baby Wipes
Small Zip-Lock Bags
Pack of Tissues
Cream/Vasaline (Many uses, including dry skin or diaper rash)


Drinks: If you are breastfeeding, try to time feeds at take-off and landing. The sucking motion helps alleviate the pain or popping that is often caused at these times.

For older babies and toddlers, offer the cup or juice boxes during take-off and landing. Keeping hydrated during a plane journey is especially important.

Snacks: Tried and tested snacks include crackers, rice cakes, cheerios, soft fruits and cereal bars.

Clothing: A change of clothing is a must for both you and baby. Also warmer sweaters and coats might be needed if you’re traveling to a cooler climate or from day to night.

Diapers: Make sure you bring enough to last through any disasters; you don’t want to be sitting there worried because you have 1 diaper left, and your baby is suffering from a bout of diarrhea.

Small Zip-Lock bags: Great for storing any sticky messes or leftover snacks and for any wet items.

Toys: Tried and tested items include: small cars, travel jigsaws (for toddlers), soft books, coloring books and crayons, any favorite teddy or toy

Arriving at the Airport:
Get to the airport early. Going through security with a baby can be a real adventure. You’ll have to fold up the stroller to put it through the x-ray machine, including the baby carrier if you have a travel system. In most cases you’ll have to carry the baby through the metal detectors. And be prepared: if you set off any alarms, the security people may pat your baby down as well as you.

Use your stroller to haul your carry-on, car seat and other items and carry the baby in a front-pack or sling. Most airlines will let you check the stroller at the gate.

Remember though, checking the stroller at the gate means it is retrieved with your luggage when you reach your destination.

Toddlers over age 2 have to have their own seat. Infants can sit in your lap, but this is often not the greatest idea, especially on long-haul flights. In most cases there are spare seats on a flight. Ask if the flight is full, if not they might block the seat next to you for your baby.

Buying a seat for your infant is the best way to secure they have one and you can then take their car seat with you; which they can be happily sat in for the entire ride.

Try to get bulkhead seats (usually the first row) they generally offer a little more room and you won’t have to worry that your child will kick the seat of the people in front of you. Another thing to remember though is that bulkhead armrests do not raise, so if you are on a long-haul flight and fancy a nap (and have a free seat next to you), you won’t be able to put the armrest up.

Parents can board early, but I have found in some instances this doesn’t prove wise. Letting older toddlers wear themselves out for as long as possible before boarding is often a better choice. If you have a young infant, it may be a good idea to board first and get settled though.

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dan ini pulak travel check list utk memudahkan anda mempacking..

tapi awat tak mudah ponnnnnnnnn...



kew_chop said...

InsyaAllah takde apa2. enjoy ek..

nadia said...

39 murni..insyaallah..doakan kami slmt pergi dan balik okeh..

sharEna said...

moga selamat pegi & balik for Nad & family =) Amin.

jgn lupe beli ole2 utk Naurah!! kekeke...acah jer =p

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